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The Girardo & Co. Archive is a vast treasure trove of imagery and literature accurately documenting over a century of motoring and motorsport history. Never has the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ been so meaningful and our archive is an invaluable resource tool for collectors, historians, publishers and journalists alike. To complement our extensive library of literature and information, we’ve acquired Photo4. The famous Italian image archive was founded in Bologna over four decades ago and comprises in excess of three million photographs documenting premier national and international motorsport and motoring events from 1980 to the present day. Better still, the vast majority of the images have never been seen before. The exhaustive selection of photos encompasses a vast cross section of motorsport history, from comprehensive documentation of the last four decades of Formula 1 and its feeder categories to the international top flights of sports cars, touring cars and rallying. Which means that whether you’re after an previously unseen image of Nelson Piquet winning the 1986 Hungarian Grand Prix or are hunting for photographic proof that your Lancia Integrale contested a particular Italian rally in the 1990s, the Girardo & Co. Archive has got you covered. “At Girardo & Co., we live and breathe motorsport history, be it the ice-cool characters, the knee-weakening cars or the indescribably oil-infused atmosphere. Our extensive archive not only serves as a vital research tool for us and many others, but it also provides countless excuses to don our rose-tinted glasses and dive straight back into the halcyon days of Formula 1, sports cars and rallying.” - Max Girardo

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